Orbis Experience

More than a museum

Orbis Experience will be about experiencing earth and how we can reverse and improve the damage we have inflicted on our beautiful planet. And how it could be better. As a visitor, you make a fantastic voyage of discovery that will touch all the senses and awaken a deep awareness. The way in which everything is designed makes Orbis Experience unique.

The idea

You are constantly challenged to think about the consequences of your actions. In fact you make a journey through yourself where the question is: what is your role and what you as an individual and as part of the wider community can do ? Above all, Orbis Experience will become a fantastic and optimistic tribute to the inventiveness and innovative power of man.

The execution

Hypermodern (audiovisual) technologies are used. Motion sensors, holograms, augmented and virtual reality awaken the narrative. Innovative use of smells, colors and sounds. It is a unique place where we reflect on how we can attune our actions to the natural qualities of the earth.

A landmark

Orbis becomes a surprising and adventurous destination. The building becomes an iconic landmark from which the mysterious character of the experience speaks. Orbis will be an example when it comes to building from circular principles.

The location

On July 18, 2018, Orbis Experience Foundation signed an agreement with the City Nijmegen, on the basis of which location research has now started. On behalf of the City Nijmegen, the project team consists of planners, urban planners, city marketeers and on behalf of Orbis, director and chairman of the board.

Mission & Vision


Inspiring and activating people to commit themselves to a more sustainable and fairer world.


An adventurous destination, where every visitor turns into an explorer. With the help of impressive high-tech and multi-sensory means, we show the world of its most beautiful side, including the consequences of our way of life. A journey that leads to promising insights and will ultimately inspire us to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer world.


Orbis will be a unique physical place and an online platform. An experience with great attraction value and above all inspires people and initiates action.

Target audiences

Young people

Students and students get a clear and adventurous story about the connection between man and nature in a unique location. Young people can better imagine what the human influence on our environment and can then explore/challenge what role they would like to/can play shaping the future.

Families and tourists

Orbis offers families a versatile and adventurous place where they experience the diversity and the beauty of our planet in all its majesty.

Business & knowledge institutions

Companies and knowledge institutes are given a platform to showcase their own role in relation to the major global challenges in an open and conscious manner.

Heroes, pioneers & innovators

These “gamechangers” find space in Orbis to make their work, motivation and insights visible and to actively link initiatives together as part of one larger movement.