Intention agreement signed with City of Nijmegen!

Intention agreement signed with City of Nijmegen!

Orbis Experience is looking for a suitable location in Nijmegen. This experience is about the earth, about us, about our future. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are central to this. The municipality actively participates in the search for a good location in the city because Orbis Experience can be a crowd puller that fits well with the sustainable city that is Nijmegen. In a letter of intent, it has been agreed to carry out a site survey together.

Orbis Experience must become a ‘next level’ museum about our planet and how we treat people like this. The experience aims to grow to 250,000 visitors per year, who can experience a voyage of discovery through movement sensors, holograms, augmented and virtual reality and the innovative use of smells, colors and sounds.

The location study is based on an area of ​​7,500 m2 (new construction or existing building) in an easily accessible visible location. The building must be an example when it comes to building from circular principles and also getting an iconic appearance. For the development of the concept and building we work together with Thomas Rau, architect and visionary in the field of sustainability and circular development, and design agency Tinker Imagineers from Utrecht.

When a suitable spot is found in the site survey, which is expected to be completed in the autumn, a feasibility study is still taking place. It will make clear whether Orbis Experience will actually land in Nijmegen.

Source: Persbericht Gemeente Nijmegen